Snail mail game on 3rd December 2003

snail mail game

Snail mail game On 3rd December 2003

On 3rd December 2003, a snail mail game was launched by Sandlot. It is a racing video game for 9+ of ages.

This game was out on the market in 2004 for people to play and enjoy this game.

Snail mail game is available on different platforms like Windows, Wii, Mac, iOS, and Android.

What’s Inside Snail main game

Snail Mail is a multiplayer game. In this game, the snail is named Turbo. You have to deliver mail in space by crossing different worlds. As snail mail is an old game that’s why graphics are not up to the mark, yet you can download it for Windows and a graphics card will help you enjoy this game in a better way.

There are three ways in this game to play:

  • postal mode
  • time trial mode
  • challenge mode.

There are 50 levels in total in this game.

In this game, you are racing as well as you have to bear and fight with enemies. Also, side with enemies to get as fast as possible to your destination.

Lastly, on all levels, there are special power-up packages and surprises for you.

Review of Snail mail game

Amazon’s rating is 2.6 stars out of 5 stars.

IGN rating  is 8/10

Positive reviewsNegative  reviews
It is a family game. Ages from 9+ can enjoy this game.The game is too old. Not compatible with Win10
Snail Mail is a fast-paced game.Installation issues appear. This game comes with viruses.
 Snail mail games can be downloaded. However, Trojan malware and an antivirus appear while installing the game.

System Requirements for Snail Mail Game

You can download and buy snail mail games from Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone and Wii.

Here are the system requirements for each of the systems:

Minimum Requirements

  • Android
  • Wii
  • Windows
  • iPad
  • iPhone

Minimum Android Version

2.1 (Eclair)

Single player/ Multiple players:


Special Controls

Tilt your device or touch the screen

Additional Features

  • Get connected with other users/players

Now I will be sharing Technical Details for each one of the systems;

Wii Version

  •   Downloadable
  •   Special WiiWare features
  •   Ratings: Everyone 10+ of age (Animated Blood, Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Language)

Windows Version

  • You have to buy a snail mail game.
  • Minimum System Requirements Intel Pentium 4, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98
  • You can download it and get extra 3D graphics support.

iPad Version

  • You have to buy a snail-mail game
  • Downloadable
  • Touch screen play
  • Play with friends on the same screen
  • Children above 9 years can play this game

iPhone Version

  •   You have to buy a snail-mail game
  •   Downloadable
  •   Single-player


If you love arcade games and racing games then Snail mail games must be on your checklist.

You must download this game on your PC mobile or iPad to enjoy this game.

However, it is necessary to download an antivirus before downloading this application as snail mail games have viruses which can hang your windows or phone.


Q1) Can I download snail mail games on my Android?

Ans) Yes, you can download this game on your Android phone.

To download snail mail games;

  • Search on Google how to download the game
  • After searching download it from the mod app for your Android phone.

Q2) Why is a snail game not allowed for kids below 9 years of age?

Ans) Snail games contain some harmful content such as violence and some usage of weapons which might not be suitable for small ages of children.

Q3) What are the power-ups in the game?

Ans)By getting power-ups it will boost your turbo and will increase racing capacity.