Kassouni Law: Your Trusted Partner in Legal Appeals

Kassouni Law


The Kassouni Law team is honored and humbled to be regarded as something of a beacon in the legal world, but even more so within the realm of appellate advocacy.

We are a team of excellent and experienced attorneys that have been committed to delivering great results for our clients. We have continued to earn a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and unyielding commitment to causes entrusted to us by our clients.

 Expertise in Appeals

 Understanding the Appeals Process Appellate practice demands a highly developed knowledge of the law and the ability to wield strategy with care; both are hallmarks of the Kassouni Law. In reality, Kjson is the place where our lawyers have the knowledge and experience that are required to smoothly carry our clients through even the most intricate appellate procedure. From filing the notice of appeal to arguing before the court, we are with our clients every step of the way.

 Areas of Practice

 Property Rights Appeals

Property rights are fundamental to our society and protecting them is paramount.

Our law firm has ajson success with the following types of cases: eminent domain, regulatory takings, or land use disputes.

Whether the challenge of government taking of your home or fighting zoning restrictions that will impact your business, we are the local experts prepare to fight for your rights.

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 Civil Liberties Appeals

At Kassouni Law, our passion is to defend civil liberties and constitutional rights. Our attorneys litigate from the deepest of dedications in cases ranging from unlawful government actions to free speech and privacy rights—protecting the most basic and essential freedoms expressly provided for by the Constitution.

 Environmental Appeals

Environmental problems present huge challenges for which our attorneys are ready. We have effectively represented appellants in environmental regulation, land use planning, and natural resource management appeals. From being a landowner who is subject to regulatory overreach to being an environmental organization that is seeking help with environmental laws, we can be of service.

 Why Choose Kassouni Law?

 Proven Track Record

Those are try and true records of success within the courtroom, spanning decades of experience in appellate advocacy between our attorneys. In fact, our firm has successfully litigated many appeals in state and federal courts, with the result being decisions in favor of our clients in cases of every sort.

 Tailored Legal Strategies We understand that each is a case sui generis; thus, we approach each client’s legal needs uniquely. It is an outstandingly complex legal contest or enforcement due to the violation of your rights; the office will work by your side at its best so that the develope legal strategy could follow your goals to be adopt as much as possible.

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 Client-Centered Representation

At Kassouni Law, our clients come first. We have very responsive and attentive service, ensuring that the client is keep in the know of every step along the way. In short, when you hire our firm, you hire an attorney who will give your case the appropriate amount of attention and dedication.

 Additional Services

 Appellate Consulting

In addition to our regular appeals practice, we also assist attorneys and firms by providing appellate consulting services for the preparation of even the most complicated appeal. We offer valuable experience while we assist at any level: drafting appellate briefs, doing legal research, or preparing for oral argument.

 Amicus Curiae Representation

We also provide representation for amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” briefs in appellate cases.

Whether it is an organization that seeks to support its position in the law or a single individual with interests in the outcome of a case, we help in making their voice before the court be heard.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I know if I have grounds for an appeal?

It has to be a very critical reviewing of the case by a competent appellate lawyer who can decide. In that regard, our team can look into the facts of the case and legal issues to give its opinion accordingly.

2. How long does the appellate process typically take?

 As to the length of time that this appellate process might take, there are certainly variable determinants like the complexity of the case and the particularities found on the Appellate Court’s docket. Still, we do our best to make the process faster, and surely, we are in touch with our clients, keeping them abreast of the findings made along the way.

 3. What are the costs associate with filing an appeal?

 – The costs of filing an appeal are most likely different, based on the case nature and requirements by the Appellate Court. Our firm stands for transparency in the pricing and is suppose to give you in detail the estimate for expenses prior to the actual process of appealing your case.

 4. Can I appeal a decision from a lower court if I represented myself?

Yes, as a matter of fact, the decision is appealable even if you went to trial by yourself. We may go through the case file and advise on the proper course to take in appealing your case.

5. How can I schedule a consultation with Kassouni Law?

You only have to schedule with one of our top advocates, and we are sure to be helpful. Either a personal consultation or an online one could be done through the phone and office email.